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Kitschy: Artlessly mannered or stylized.
Self-consciously artificial and extravagant.
Teasingly ingenuous and sentimental.

I am a freelance makeup artist in LA from Maine trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing.


24 September 14

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19 September 14


4yo: “You’ve got a friend in me!”
2yo: “You’ve got a BUTT in me!”
4yo: “You’ve got a PENIS in me!”
(Both absolutely die of laughter)

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25 August 14

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Apparently prints of the Swedish book covers can be purchased here.

wow they are beautiful!

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24 August 14

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Colorama Photographs

Eastman Kodak Co. Courtesy George Eastman House

"From 1950 until 1990, Kodak’s gigantic Colorama photographs dominated the east wall of Grand Central’s Main Concourse. Using what was then innovative technology to print oversize photos that measured 60 feet in length and nearly 20 feet high, these images portrayed an idealized view of American life. They promoted photography as essential for documenting leisure activities as well as capturing special family moments with beautiful, richly-colored photos.”

vintage everyday

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1 August 14

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20 July 14

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh